Sunday, January 16, 2011


Tonight a friend forwarded a link to me that I found quite poignant. It was about a person giving a friend's eulogy and referring to the person's birth and death dates as important, but not as significant as the "dash" in the middle.

It is so do we want to be remembered? What do we want to accomplish during our brief time on this earth? What are we "dashing" through life for when in the end it is how we lived and how we set examples, showed loved, showered affection, bestowed kindness that is that "dash" on our tombstones that signifies a life's efforts.

With the embarking of this New Year, I have had so much to think about and so much to be grateful for; in the brief few weeks of this New Year I have seen a friend survive a stroke and thanked God for her miraculous ability to heal and to heal those of us around her. I told her, "you dodged a bullet!" In reality, however, her "wake-up call" was for all those who surrounded her. I am so grateful that her "dash" is still just a dash and that there is not date to follow it...and I pray there won't be one for a very very long time. I pray that her moment of pause and reflection stays with not just her but us all. Whether you are raising children or have seen them grow; or if you have no children, but care for friends and loved take a moment and realize that this life is precariously brief and preciously so.

Stop, don't dash through and live well so that when your loved one(s) are saying your eulogy they can refer to the dates between your birth and that "dash" as a gift to not just them as your friends, companions, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, but to humanity as a whole.

May you all live long, happy, healthy, loving and productive lives.

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